Monday, July 19, 2010

Italia: Venezia

After a few relaxing days in the beautiful Cinque Terre, it was time to pack up and head for our final destination, Venice. But first, a quick stop in Milan.

A couple of hours on the train and we were there. Here's Connie checking out the main square in front of the 
Duomo di Milano. Beautiful, no?

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. 

Inside the cathedral. A bit blurry. The red light in the dome above the aspe marks the spot where one of the nails from the crucifixion of Christ has been stored.
Milan is known for its shopping. We hit up the ritzy shopping district where I took this picture of a fancy car. That was all we got there, luckily for both of our bank accounts. Our time was up, and we hopped back on the train to continue on to Venice.

And here we are. Gondola man in action. 

Here is the Piazza San Marco. Venice has one of the most striking squares of all the ones we saw. The domes are St Mark's Basilica. To the far left is St. Mark's Clocktower. To the right is Doge's Palace.

In the Piazza with the much battered Rick Dees. I hope y'all are clicking these links, there's so much amazing history about this place. I'm just too lazy to write it all here.

St Mark's Clocktower, the back of my baby's head, and some doofus tourist guys. Nice 'stache, dude. The Piazza is prone to flooding, as you can see from the standing water from an earlier shower.

A close up of the two metal men who beat the clock. The first robots ever. One is old, and one is young to symbolize the passage of time.

Connie with St Mark's Campanile in the background. Originally built in 1514, it collapsed in 1902 and was rebuilt ten years later. Click the link for the lowdown on what was probably the first photoshopped picture ever passed off as the real deal.

The Piazetta San Marco. Atop the two columns are the patrons or Venice, the lion of St Mark called Marco, and St Teodoro of Amasea, known as Todaro. It's bad luck to walk between the two columns, because they used to execute prisoners there back in the day.

A closer shot of Marco.

Here we are cruising past some place semi-famous on the ferry on the Grand Canal.

A shot of a side canal from the ferry.

The view from our hotel room.

One of the twisty turny alleys in Venice. Get this: NO cars. It's either a boat or walking.

My sweetie and the Grand Canal at twilight.

Our last night, just after our gondola ride. Bittersweet.

Well, that's it. Hope y'all enjoyed. It was an amazing trip. The food, the sights, the good. And over way too soon. It was the vacation of a lifetime, and I know we will be going back.


Trudy said...

Did you climb to the roof of il Duomo in Milan? Actually, my husband, myself and our best friends were there a year ago. We went to Germany, then Lake Como, Milan and Venice. My favorite thing was climbing the roof of il duomo.....amazing architecture. You both look like you are having a wonderful time!!!

tinyhands said...

Your travel guide was written by Rick Dees? What is it, The Disco Duck's Guide to Italy? Heh... noticed you did that a few days ago too.

Jack said...

It's mind bottling that he has time to do his Weekly Top 40 show AND publish a kick ass travel guide, but Rick Dees is the man! But disco, like Zed, is dead, baby.

Moose said...

Looks like you had a great time Jack. I took the same kind of vacation 10 years back when I was stationed in Germany, followed the same route from Rome to Florence and then to Venice. Seeing your pics sure brought back the memories of that trip. Thanks much

Jack said...

It was great, Moose, we had an amazing time. Thanks for commenting.