Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Italia: Firenze

After a few delightful days in Rome, it was time to head to Tuscany. We hopped a trained and when we hopped off, we were in Florence. Slower paced and more relaxed than Rome, it is chock full of history. Click the link if you doubt me.

Florence is home to Michaelangelo's David, which of course we saw. However, we were not allowed to take photos. It was spectacular, though...truly an amazing piece of work. Here is the Uffizi, one of the most famous art galleries in the world. David is not in the Uffizi, he is in a little nondescript museum on a quiet side street that you would otherwise pass right by. However, if you look in the lower right corner of the courtyard above, you will see a replica of David.

The above three shots are of the outside of the main cathedral in Florence, called 'il Duomo', for Dome. It's made with pink and white marble and is a stunner. Pictures don't really do it justice.

My sweetie.

Here is a couple shots of the Arno River and a famous bridge over it filled with shops, taken from inside the Uffizi.

We took a couple of side trips. The first one was to Pisa. to visit the famous leaning tower.

Apart from the tower, Pisa was a bit of a bore. We risked the wrath of the Italian fuzz to get this typical tourist shot and then skedaddled.

Our second day trip in Tuscany was to Sienna. I dug this place. Narrow winding streets and ancient buildings.  It's got a gorgeous square described as the finest in all Italy that we shall see in a bit, plus it's where Crayola got the color Burnt Sienna.

In this square you see Romulus and Remus, the mythical twin founders of Rome. What, you don't see them? Look up on that pedestal, under the wolf. See? They're babies. Why are they babies under a momma wolf? Click the link, I ain't no history teacher. Be warned, though...it's a dark tale.

Here is Connie, enduring another picture. She is standing in front of the famous square in Sienna. Click on that first link about Sienna and read about the crazy horse races they have there. We enjoyed a lazy lunch overlooking the square and then had some gelato.

Me on some steps in Sienna with the Rick Dees. It's not pink, it's coral.

Here we are on the steps of the Duoma in Sienna. I'm grabbing her hand like that because I am the boss of her. Join us sometime in the future as I blog about our next destination, Cinque Terre!


trashman said...

pink or coral doesnt matter. gay is gay

bones said...

Very cool. Question... what's the deal with the basket-like thing on the side of the Florence Cathedral?
Sweetie looks very nice and that's not coral....

Anonymous said...

Did you get a chance to check out the procession of the magi?

Zelda said...

Just lovely. Connie, pictures, coral, everything.

angi said...

coral is um... never mind. Great pics, you went to one of my most fav places on earth even thought I've never actually been there!

Jack said...

Gay is gay? Well, you would know.

Jack said...

I'm not sure. It doesn't hang out enout to be a people catcher, and it's only on the one side...it's a mystery. And it is coral, a manly color.

Jack said...

As a matter of fact, we did. I lost count of the number of times I said, "That's amazing," in reaction to all the works of art.

Jack said...

Thank you ma'am. And I knew you would recognize coral when you saw it.

Jack said...

It's a great place, you should try and go sometime. And coral is what??

Zelda said...

I do recognize coral. And gayness.