Friday, July 16, 2010

Italia: Cinque Terre

So, after the hustle and bustle of Rome and Florence, and with all the side trips and what not, it was time to slow our roll. Destination? Cinque Terre. It means 'Five Lands.' It's five little villages built into the seaside cliffs overlooking the Med. They are all pretty close together, and are connected by walking trails and the train line, so hopping back and forth between the towns is a simple proposition. We stayed in Levanto, which isn't one one the Cinque Terre villages proper, but it is very close and scenic in its own right.

We took a late afternoon stroll down the Via Dell'Amore

It means 'Love Walk,' and it's the trail between Riomaggiore to Manarola. The windows in the distance along the top is the trail, the ones below is where the train runs. 

According to Rick Dees, they call it the Love Walk because when the trail was finally built connecting the two villages, teenagers would go back and forth, for the hugging and the kissing and the stuff teenagers do. There is a local tradition for lovers to clasp a lock along the trail.

The rocky shore below.

I dig the rock work. Less so the graffiti. 

Locks from lovers.

Yeah, we did it, too. A second after this picture was taken, a little old Italian lady went by and shook her finger at me for standing on the rail. "Peligroso," she warned. Lady, that's my middle name.

Me and my sweetie.

A peek down onto the beach in Manarola.

Our dinner view.

Looking back at Manarola. We ate dinner at the outdoor restaurant to the left below the pink building. There's a naked chick in this picture.

More amazing views. These are between Manarola and Corniglia.

We had to cross this bridge. She took like a million years because she was so scared.

I made her carry my pack. Good job, Sherpa Girl!

We spent like three days in Cinque Terre, yet other than our hike, we didn't take many pictures. It was very relaxing. We hit the beach in Levanto, stayed up late at a sidewalk cafe, and generally just took it easy. Our last evening we dressed up just a bit and went for a nice dinner in (I think) Vernazza. 

Goodbye, Cinque Terre. Next stop: Venice!


Anonymous said...

I don't see the nekked chick.

Angi said...

I SOOOOO want to move there.

Jack said...

I could stand living there too. Rustic little villages with amazing scenery. A hop skip and a jump away from the rest of Europe. Only problem would be making a living.

Connie! said...

Scared!? I crossed that bridge in like, ten seconds!

Jack said...

Yeah you did. If ten seconds means two minutes! Love you baby!

bones said...

INCREDIBLE ! ....and I couldn't find the naked chick :/

Zelda said...

One day.

And I didn't see the naked chick either, but I didn't look very hard since I can see one any time I want.

Connie! said...

The supposedly naked chick (she's actually wearing a beige bikini) is in the lower right quadrant of the picture, standing on the rock formation at the very bottom. Jack was so excited after he took this picture.

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