Monday, February 22, 2010

Ferris Wheel

We are up in the air. I can smell popcorn and cotton candy and her hair. The wind blows and it's in my face, black and silky and i want to run my fingers through it.

We sway gently back and forth. I see lights and hear music. The crowd below, cops and families and hoodlums and couples like us. She is warm against me. She still has a few bits of confetti in her hair from the cascarone. She flinched and stared at me when I hit her with the egg, laughed like a child, delighted, when she saw it was filled with confetti. "Oh, buy me one!" she said, and I did. She pulled my cap off and smashed it over my head and we laughed.

"Let's take a picture," and we lean together, smiling, her hair blowing. I push the button and we examine ourselves.

"Yeah. That's a good one."


Sean said...

Good to see you back sir. Stay safe.

Connie! said...

I see you conveniently left out the part where I almost punched you for cracking an egg on my head without any warning.

Love you. :)

Zelda said...

That was pretty and I'm in a weepy mood. Not good.

Cerberus said...

So, I'm going through the 12 million bookmarked blogs and deleting the greatest majority because they weren't all that hot to begin with. Some, however, have been held on to even though the blog has long been dark. I click on Texas Music and sigh because I think it's time to delete this when I see your smiling face. You're back dude! Too cool.

I'll read more later, back to deleting.

Jack said...

Thanks, Sean.

Jack said...

Love you too baby.

Jack said...

Everybody likes a tear jerker.

Jack said...

Dude. Long time no see. Speaking of, are you going to dust yours off and climb back in the saddle?