Sunday, December 13, 2009

On to Iraq

Well, we are leaving for Iraq in about eleven hours. Nobody is sad to go. It's one step closer to getting home, really. Plus we get out of these tents and into some proper barracks.

Tito Ortiz, the MMA fighter, was here today. Some of the guys went and got their picture taken with him, got an autograph. I didn't bother, the line outside the USO was a little long. All the same, it's nice that he took the time out of his schedule to come visit the troops.

A few days ago, we escorted a bus load of soldiers out to a range. Most of the area we were in is filled with UXO, which means unexploded ordinance. That's Army speak for bombs and munitions that haven't gone off.

Along the way, we passed a Kuwaiti artillery unit doing some live firing, and some camel herders with their camels. Guess they aren't afraid of the UXO. They should be, because I hear a few of those guys get killed every year wandering around out there.

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