Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009

So I'm sitting here...oh, incoming. Lovely.

Okay, it's about three hours later. I had literally just taken one sip of my Coors Fake Beer and started typing when Big Voice announced incoming. The fake beer isn't anything to write home about, by the way. It tastes like a very weak light beer at first sip, but there's something missing...besides the alcohol, that is.

I was fixing to write a post about the other night, when I had occasion to listen to two Army chaplains have very lengthy and quite in depth discussion about Star Trek, all of the spin-offs, each of the movies, many of the characters, and Gene Roddenberry and his humanist views and the role his agnosticism played in the series and movies. They then delved into a comparably in depth discussion about the Star Wars franchise, the morality of each of the main characters, and how the Jedi compared to Buddhist monks.

It was a hilarious conversation to listen to, and I fear I lack the ability to convey just how geeky and surreal the entire experience was. I was going to try, though, until Johnny Jihad decided to help us celebrate New Year's Eve by throwing some ordinance our way.

So instead I threw on my IOTV (body armor) and helmet, got a headcount of my boys, and waited for the all clear. Then we trotted over to the Area Defense Operations Center(ADOC) and got accountability of everyone. Then we got flashlights and did a sector search of the entire camp, making sure there wasn't any UXO sticking out of the ground anywhere. This took awhile.

I was escorting a couple of civilian reporters and an Army Public Affairs journalist around while all this was going on. Mainly that consisted of me standing around while they followed the soldiers around, taking pictures of them scanning the ground and peering under vehicles with flashlights. By one barracks was the remnants of an abandoned party, grilled hamburgers growing cold on paper plates, near beer getting warm on picnic tables. Kinda sad, really.

Finally we checked the entire camp and we were allowed to stand down. We were informed that at least seven mortar rounds were fired, and at least two of them struck one of the adjoining camps, destroying some vehicles and wounding two soldiers. How badly I don't know.

So that's my New Year's Eve. I'm back in the room and in ten minutes, it'll be 2010. I'm polishing off another Coors Fake Beer and about to call it a night. I wish I had a real beer. I'm tired and my back hurts. I miss my girlfriend. It would be nice to be on a crowded dance floor with her somewhere, doing the countdown. Kissing.

Well. Maybe next year.


Your baby bro said...

You...on a dancefloor. Now that I would like to see!

Griz said...

While Im sitting here at my current job reliving our last New Year, would I sound crazy if I say I kinda miss it? I mean, I cant say I loved being over there, (that couldn't be further from the truth) but part of me enjoyed all of that excitement and comaraderie.