Thursday, December 03, 2009


We leave tonight for Kuwait. We have a couple of fueling stops along the way. I don't know how long the flight will be...long, is all. Maybe I can sleep.

My unit mobilized in September for our train up. We did a few weeks at FT Hood, then flew out to McGregor Range, north of FT Bliss. We have been training the last couple of months. We're about as ready as we are gonna get. We will be in Kuwait for two or three weeks, then on to Iraq.

I took a walk around McGregor yesterday afternoon. It snowed overnight, and everything looked about halfway pretty. It was gone today and everything was muddy. McGregor Range is a mobilization point for units enroute to Iraq and Afghanistan. There are many large concrete barricades/boxes around McGregor that are similar to the T Barriers in Iraq. Some units passing through have painted their unit symbols on them. I took a few pictures of them on my walk. I'll post some of them in a few days, when I get an internet connection. Here is the one my unit did.

Okay. Time to go.

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