Tuesday, December 08, 2009


We are at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. It's not very nice here. It's been pretty clammy and cold and damp. Plus I'm coming down with something. Sinuses are stopped up. Throats tight and hot. Head hurts.

It's muddy here. Sand gets everywhere. We are crammed into big tents, sleeping on cots. No space, no privacy. It's loud and dirty. Lots of people are getting the crud, coughing, sneezing.

The amenities are nice, though. There's a couple of decent chow halls. A big PX. Lot's of MWR stuff. Taco Bell. Pizza Inn. I'm sitting in a Starbucks, even. So could be worse.

We have had some mandatory training and some mandatory briefings. These are the same mandatory training and mandatory briefings we have already had once or twice before. I guess those first couple of times didn't count.

I have been sending my guys down to the airfield, a couple of hours away, to meet incoming flights. Some of these were PSD missions with the Battalion Commander, but mostly they were just Force Protection missions, to let them learn the roads and get some missions under their belts. I did one night before last with three of my guys. Took most of the night. Other than taking a long time and a few close calls with Kuwaiti drivers, it was uneventful.

Now all my guys are here. We had two come late. One came on a cargo flight, escorting gear, and another came late because he had a baby born a few days before Thanksgiving, and we got him some paternity leave. Everybody is on the ground now, and we are just finishing up what we have to do before we move into Iraq.

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